Get on the bus for our Spring Event! Networking, 2 sets of Music from Sunshine Daydream Raffle prizes, all net proceeds to the Up Side of Downs
Get on the bus for our Spring Event!Networking, 2 sets of Music from Sunshine DaydreamRaffle prizes, all net proceeds to the Up Side of Downs

Who we are

Will you come with me? Won't you come with me?

To bring like minded people together, professionals who are fans of the Grateful Dead-- to meet and share stories, network, and maybe even do business together.



Who are you? Where are you? How are you?

Our Spring 2018 event is set for May 18th. Click for more info: or to buy tickets:


Give back

One man gathers what another one spills.  

All net proceeds from networking is dead events go to charitable, non profit organizations.